Irrigation and Sprinklers

GroundHOG can design and install whatever irrigation system your landscape requires for proper coverage. We are highly experienced with the latest equipment and installation techniques, which ensure a water-efficient system. We are concerned about water conservation and want to do our part by providing a sprinkler system that provides great coverage while using as little water as possible. We know how to keep your lawn and landscape looking green, healthy, and thriving.

A permanent in-ground irrigation system is your answer, plus it can conserve water with rain sensing technology. It will deliver just the right amount of water when and where your lawn needs it, eliminating the need to drag hoses and sprinklers around your yard.

There are two types of in-ground irrigation systems, automatic and manual. An automated in-ground sprinkler system will typically include a programmable controller that allows you to schedule when and where various portions of your lawn will be watered. A manual system requires you turn the controller valves on and off by hand.

GroundHOG can assist you in determining the best watering system for your lawn and garden. Our services cover installation, service, and repair of irrigation and sprinkler systems whether it is a new installation or a renovation of your existing system.

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