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Spring is in the Air!

Spring is the time of year we all wait for. Once football season is finished, we can't wait to get outdoors. Some, like Dalton, can be found winning a Q50 night race at Fontainebleau State Park with the GroundHOG team cheering him on. Others, like Tim & Kim fit in a little time at the beach. Yes, Spring is here, and it's time to be active again!

It's also time for your lawn and landscape to be active. As the threat of frost disappears, your lawn and landscape will begin to grow again. What you do in March will often determine the results you enjoy all summer long. Below are a few of the things to plan for now.


Landscapes / Garden Beds


It's time to remove the debris from your garden beds. A general clean-up is in order to remove old debris and pull weeds, vines and dead plants. Mulching after a clean-up will keep future weeds at bay and provide the finished look.

One sure sign of Spring is watching the bulbs planted last fall bloom. Who doesn't enjoy the vibrant colorful Azaleas or the Japanese Magnolia's blooms! The flip side is removing and replacing dead plants. Evaluate the areas where plants may need to be replaced - always considering the overall look of your landscape (how you want it to look now as well as next year).

Although the summer heat is coming, we still have time to enhance your existing landscape; define your view by creating a screen; or start from scratch by meeting with a designer to ensure the end product is everything you desire. Please remember; we're here to help!

Irrigation Recommendations


After being shut down for the Winter, an irrigation assessment is advised. Irrigation Assessments begin at $295 (depending on the size of your system). This includes a complete inspection of the system, detailed findings report, adjustments as necessary, minor piece/part replacements such as nozzles, screens and spray head extensions. Any major repairs will be noted on our Irrigation Assessment Report with repair/replacement costs listed so you know what repairs are needed and the costs associated before repairs are made.

It's also a great time to install a new system too. Installing a new Irrigation System during Spring allows you freedom to water your lawn and landscape by programing the system ahead of time. And don't worry about overwatering due to rain, today's rain sensors prevent your system from coming on if sufficient rain has fallen.

Lawn Preparation 

Warm season grasses are starting to wake up from winter dormancy. Weed seeds are starting to germinate. To prevent them from being a problem, treat your lawn with a pre-emergent herbicide.

Certain grasses (Centipede and St. Augustine in particular) are susceptible to a fungal disease called brown patch this time of year. Brown patch is usually found in low, moist areas of the lawn during these damp months. However, it can be treated with an approved fungicide labeled to control brown patch in lawns.

If you haven't already done so, it is definitely time to remove leaves and debris from your lawn. If left on your lawn, they will cover the grass as it begins to grow and could cause problems. Just a little preventative maintenance (raking) is needed.

AerationConsider Core Aeration. Louisiana's Northshore soils have a high percentage of clay making them very hard and compacted. This makes it difficult for water, fertilizers, roots systems, and air to penetrate the soil. Core type aeration was created to solve this problem. Core aeration is a process in which a machine pulls plugs of soil out of the ground. This process promotes a strong, vigorous root system and enhances the nutrient absorption of the turf. Core Aeration is the key to producing the dark green robust turf with the proper soil structure.

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