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Lawn & Landscape of Your Dreams!   

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Overall, we are very lucky to have green lawns longer than most.  But, to have the Lawn of Your Dreams - even in our area - it takes some work.   We offer a  comprehensive approach that removes the guess work, follows a tried and true plan, happens even without you thinking about it, and ensures that each weekend, when you finally get to enjoy your outdoor space, your guests will think you worked on it for hours.

Hopefully, you have already fed your lawn and treated for weeds.  If not, don't wait too long.  The following sections explain the next steps to achieving your dream lawn.  But if you really don't want to be bothered with all that work and worry, just call us.  We specializes in Total Landscape Management; lawn, landscape, irrigation, lighting and horticultural services.  We are NOT for everyone, but the question is, "Are we for you?"  We offer estate quality services for the discerning homeowner.

Our thanks go out to the Anderson family for entrusting GroundHOG with Total Landscape Maintenance for their home pictured above.


Water is LIFE!

In the world of lawn and landscape care, water is life.  With extreme heat coming soon, your lawn and landscape needs wateringSprinkler during hours you probably prefer to be asleep.  And, often in our summer heat, your lawn and garden beds need to be watered more than once a day.  When your landscape enhances the value of your home - its time to install an irrigation system.  We use the Rain Bird Smart Control System.  Just set it and go. 

NOW is the time to let us assess your lawn and landscape irrigation needs. Trust our years of experience to provide the irrigation system custom designed for your landscape - leaving you free to get that extra hour of sleep, take a vacation without worrying about your plants or lawn, or just enjoy what ever summer has to offer.

Ask about our Irrigation Monitoring Services.


What's Bugging You?

Mole Crickets!!!

Mole crickets have become our number one destructive insect pests on turf and lawns in Louisiana.  With that in mind we received word from our horticulturist that mole crickets may be especially bad this year.   Mole crickets feed on a variety of organisms in the soil and causes mainly tunneling damage.  As mole crickets tunnel through the soil, they uproot grass plants, which dry out and die.

Don't wait -  NOW is the time to treat them.

promolandscaper_div1Last Call for Top Dressing & Core Aeration 

Top Dressing is the act of adding a material to the surface of existing turf to enhance its quality and appearance ...this process is the catalyst toward achieving the perfect lawn.


Step 1:  Run and subsequently flag all irrigation heads (if applicable) prior to work beginning; thus preventing damage from core aeration services.

Step 2: Core Aeration: The turf area is core aerated to reverse compaction of the soil surface up to 3 inches. This allows the top dressing material to mix with the existing soil and promotes vigorous root growth for a healthy turf.

Step 3: Top Dressing Application: State of the art top dressing equipment is used to apply white sand in a universal fashion across the turf area.

Step 4: Leveling / Dragging / Raking: The turf area is then dragged and swept to move the top dressing material to the lower areas of the lawn in order to further promote the leveling process.

Pricing starts at $850.00.


Ask "Doc Green" 


Doc Green says..."Don't sweat the small stuff..."

Question of the month!

I have a mouse looking creature with wide paws burrowing in my lawn. What is it and how can I get rid of it?

Doc Green says, "It is a Mole (not Mole Cricket as mentioned above).  Moles in your yard or garden can cause damage to your plants, lawn and trees. In severe cases, structural damage to buildings is possible. All these problems are caused because moles dig tunnels to search for insects to eat and to move around underground. Because of the damage that moles cause, controlling them is a priority for many property owners.   You can offer a food source that will eliminate them or spread a product that repels them.  Regardless the method used, they need to go to ensure a healthy lawn. "

Doc Green, our veteran horticulturist (a GroundHOG horticulturist at that!) is absolutely passionate about helping you create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that are harmonious with the native ecology of our area. This groundhog knows it all! Landscapes, Irrigation, Flowers, NatureScaping, Drainage, and much more!  

Doc Green is happy to answer all of your garden, landscape, and outdoor related questions for FREE. Each month we hope to feature one or two questions with answers that might be helpful to everyone! 



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