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Happy Thanksgiving!

May your holiday be filled with Thanks. 

 GroundHOG has a lot to be thankful for this year.  Most of it is because of you.  You entrusted us with your property maintenance, your lawn care, your new landscape installations, your landscape enhancements, and your irrigation needs.  We thank you for your continued confidence in our team and will work very hard to maintain your trust.  We couldn't do it without you.  

GroundHOG will be closed the week of November 21-25 for Thanksgiving.


Working to Make Your

Landscape Dreams Come True


As one happy homeowner told us recently, "It's like having the tropics in my back yard." 

Fall is the time to plant trees and shrubs since the weather is generally mild and, typically, we don't get snow.  In fact, it's a great time to install your new landscape; enhance what you have; or just move a few plants around.  Our mild weather, warm soil conditions from summer, and regular rainfall at this time of year allow the new plantings to adjust with little stress and therefore are less likely to suffer transplant shock (especially balled-and-burlapped shrubs).  Planting shrubs and trees now also allows the root system to become established before the heat of summer sets in.

GroundHOG offers turn-key landscapes.  We can help you create the yard of your dreams - from paper to picture perfect.  Share your dreams and visions, likes and dislikes, agree on a budget, and we take it from there.  No hassle.  Just back yard beauty.

If you want to vacation at home all year round, call GroundHOG.


What's New With Your Turf?

 After the long growing season, our mowing season is finally slowing down.  Zoysia, Bermuda and Centipede turn tan relatively early each Fall.  St. Augustine stays fairly green into December and possibly January if we haven't had a freeze.

 But lawn care doesn't stop.  If you are overseeding with Rye Grass for Winter - it's time.  Rye Grass provides that rich green look when our lawns are normally dormant.  Actually the rich green of rye grass is nicer than any of the warm-season grasses - great for your outdoor holiday gatherings.  But, you will need to continue mowing if you overseed.

Pest control can be an issue at this time of year.  Time to apply a pre-emergent.  And watch for brown patch.  Brown patch is a fungal disease that presents a serious threat to St. Augustine and Centipede grasses each Spring and Fall.  With the onset of cooler temperatures, wet and overcast conditions, brown patch presents a challenge to lawns.

Conditions most favorable for brown patch development include (1) the presence of active fungi, (2) vigorous growth of a susceptible grass, (3) daytime temperatures ranging between 75-85, (4) the presence of free moisture on the foliage, and (5) night temperatures falling below 68.

If  you notice brown patch - call us NOW.  Brown patch should be promptly treated with an appropriate lawn fungicide.


Adding Color

Who said you can't have beautiful color in your Winter landscape?

Fall and Winter colors come in many varieties.  Roses, Camellias, Seasonal Flowers and even some Azaleas add dimension and color to your landscape during the winter months.  

Roses are in full bloom now.  Our mild winters often prevent them from going dormant at all, and they may still be blooming in February when it is time to cut them back.  Fall is also an excellent time to plant roses.  Fall planted roses/shrubs are more likely to be stronger and vigorous during their first Summer.   The best time to move roses is after they finish blooming (December through February).

Camellias are beginning to bloom now.  Depending on the variety (and there are many of them), you may enjoy their beautiful blooms until Spring.  Camellias are easy to grow and provide months of beauty in your landscape.

Seasonal Flowers are being planted at this time of year.  GroundHOG has planted 200+ flats of flowers on our properties this Fall.

It's not to late.  If you are ready to enhance your landscape with trees, shrubs and seasonal flowers, call now.


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