Checklist for September, October, November

  • Begin preparing beds for fall planting.
  • Take soil samples from landscape beds and submit GroundHOG for analysis. Call us for more information.
  • Fall is a great time to plant hardy trees, shrubs, ground covers and vines.
  • Plant spring-flowering bulbs in your gardens from late October through early December. Exceptions are tulips and hyacinths, which must be refrigerated and planted in late December or early January.
  • Garden mums make a great addition for fall color. Contact GroundHOG for availability.
  • Watch azalea plantings for early fall infestations of lace bugs. Contact GroundHOG for more information about horticultural oil sprays and other recommended insecticides.
  • Build a compost pile out of leaves, grass clippings and remains from your vegetable garden.
  • Divide Louisiana irises in September.
  • Many of the summer-blooming perennials are finished or are finishing their oral display for the year. Cut back the lower stalks and old faded flowers to keep the plants looking attractive.
  • October weather can be dry. Water plantings as needed. Pay special attention to any newly planted areas. It generally is best to water direct-seeded beds of flowers or vegetables lightly every day to make sure the seeds do not dry out.
  • Prune everblooming roses by early September.
  • Fall is an excellent time to plant many herbs in the garden. A few herb plants provide a lot of harvest, so don’t plant more than you can use. Herbs to plant now include parsley, sage, thyme, dill, cilantro, rosemary, oregano, borage, fennel, nasturtium, French tarragon, chives, mint and catnip.

Source: LSU Ag Center

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